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6 Top-Rated and Totally Free Cycling Training Apps

Helen Wallace

Want to improve your cycling game? Here are six cycling training apps that are free to use and live up to their high ratings.

Cycling is great. Not only can it get you from A to B as a mode of transport but, as a sport, it offers a total body workout. This is because it targets all of the body’s major muscle groups. This low-impact form of exercise is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed in the great outdoors or on a static indoor bike. Whatever your flavour, cycling offers something for everyone. 


Then there are the health benefits, of which there are loads! Cycling has been shown to increase cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and muscle tone and decrease stress levels and body fat. Using a training app while on the move can also help you to maximise your cycling sessions by allowing you to set goals, explore new routes and track your progress. Here are six that are top-rated and totally free.


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1. Cyclemeter

The Cyclemeter app is genius it turns your smartphone into a top-notch cycling computer. From it, you customise your ride in real-time and get detailed post-ride analytics so that you can keep track of your progress. 


Why we love it This app provides a lot of useful feedback when it comes to your cycling workouts. The app is simple to use and can be synced easily with other fitness applications. 


2. Kinetic Fit

If you are looking for help when it comes to creating a custom training programme, Kinetic Fit is it! This app offers fitness tests and personalised guided workouts created by professional coaches. 


Why we love it The app comes up with specific targets for you to meet in order to reach your fitness goals. It also acts as a way to keep you motivated, even on those days that you don’t feel like training.

3. Bikemap

So you’ve conquered the streets and are looking for a new challenge? SA is home to plenty of great cycling routes, and Bikemap which contains 7.3 million bike paths across the globe can help you find them.


Why we love it No matter where you go in the world, you can hop on a bike and find routes to enjoy nearby. You can also plan your ride and use the app’s built-in GPS function to guide you. 


4. Strava

One of the most popular workout- and fitness-tracking apps on the market, Strava is a versatile app that can be used to track a range of workouts. It is a great way to record your distances and map your favourite routes.  


Why we love it Strava analyses your data for a comprehensive overview of your cycling progress. It also allows you to connect with other cyclists and show off your progress in your personal feed. 

5. Zwift

Considered by many cyclists to be the gold standard, Zwift definitely lives up to the hype! This virtual-reality indoor training app requires a smart trainer, but if you’ve got the gear, you are good to go!


Why we love it Indoor riding can be boring. But this app lets you take it to the streets via virtual reality, of course to train or compete with other cyclists from around the world, making things a lot more interesting.


6. Komoot

This route-planning app boasts over 10 million users worldwide, and their shared data is used to log their rides to help future cyclists. Simply enter your start and end points and Komoot will show you the way!


Why we love it Komoot doesn’t just tell you where to go, but also which routes are best suited to your biking needs, whether this is the type of bike you are using or what your fitness level is. 


All apps are available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.



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